Exess Eyewear Made in Italy with love

Exess Eyewear are entirely designed and realised in Italy. We are proud to be part of Venetian district of Eyewear, the global excellence of Eyewear for experience, quality, innovation, technique and aesthetic. Our glasses are 100% made in Italy and they are realised in our establishment with a high control over each step of production.

Made in Italy Exess Eyewear

Design and aesthetic research

The search for harmony is born in our style office. For our glasses and sunglasses we are inspired by a classic modern style, capable of renewing the traditional lines and create a refined version up with the times. Each made in Italy collection interprets trends according to a personal and refined point of view.

Passion for colours

The exclusive control over production allow us to realise small limited editions series of glasses made in Italy, customized in every detail. We are free to experiment new colouring, in order to obtain unique shades or chromatic effects which combine more tonalities together in a creative and original way.

The cult of details

Exess made in Italy Eyewear are realised with the best materials and the best care for quality. The finishing manufact and the decorations are handmade. Each piece is accurately checked out by the staff in order to reach perfect surface, colour and the hinge endurance.