Exess Eyewear excellence Made in Italy

Exess best represents Italian excellence across the skillful manufacturing of materials and shapes, the meticulous care of details, the continuous research of a unique style. Exess eyewear production takes place in Italy, in the heart of Venetian district of Eyewear, where the best technologies, trends and proficiency of global Eyewear are.

Made in Italy Exess Eyewear Glasses


The refined manufacture of Exess glasses and sunglasses is realised with high craftsmanship techniques. Creativity, care of details and precision are irreplaceable in the various production steps: drawing, development of prototypes, painting and decorations.

Comfort and style

Once worn, Exess eyewear stand out for the best fit. The frames are accurately realised with a charming and refined design studied for every kind of face shape. Difference can be seen and also worn: Exess eyewear are suitable for any occasion. Each product is hand-made with the best care for your comfort.

Human qualities

Exess eyewear are realised using avantguarde technological processes, precious handicraft skills and essential manual skills. From more than 40 years, a great family spirit harmonize people who work in our company, paying attention to human relationship. Expert hands work on piece by piece with passion and dedication to Exess eyewear.