Exess Eyewear The glamour of new tradition Made in Italy

Exess is born in order to propose a new idea of fashion in the eyewear world. It combines Visard’s excellent technical skills on Eyewear production which express style and new fashion trends. It proposes a catalog with more than 150 pieces which are constantly evolving to meet the changing style of customers spread throughout 5 continents.

Exess Eyewear Made in Italy

Historical experience

Visard glasses and sunglasses production started more than 40 years ago. The company stands out for its great experience and reliability in the realization of excellent manufactured metal and acetate frames. The manufacturing all made in Italy, the quality and the care of the details are the main caracheristics for Eyewear production.

Accessible style

The pursuit of excellence to the best market conditions has always been our philosophy. Visard’s strategy in Eyewear production wants to offer an accessible product for everyone who deside to wear refined and fascinating eyewear, in line with style and fashion trends. They are quality products suitable for all kind of gaze.

Highest care
in production

For offering the uncompromising quality all the manufacturing process takes place into the company establishment based in Italy. Visard control over the eyewear production involves every stage. Expert hands employ avant-garde technologies and wise gazes prove the precision of any detail.